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Written by Brandi Jorgensen | Thursday, 17 July 2014 00:00

Dakota Dunes will host its Annual Meeting on September 24, 2014. This year there are three open positions on the Board of Directors for Country Club East, The Meadows and The Prairie Board of Director  Anyone interested in being considered by the Nominating Committee should make their interest known and submit a brief statement of their qualifications to Brandi Jorgensen at the Welcome Center or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by August 11, 2014. The Nominating Committee will meet August 12, 2014 to discuss the potential candidates and approve a slate of nominees.

Thank you for your consideration.

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Written by Brandi Jorgensen | Sunday, 07 April 2013 17:27

Did you know that there are covenants and guidelines at Dakota Dunes regarding additions or alterations affecting the exterior of your home? In addition, the Dakota Dunes Community Association has various use restrictions. Some of the key items affected by covenants and guidelines are noted below. Please make sure you submit any exterior improvement plans to the Design Review Committee for approval before you start.

The Design Guidelines for Dakota Dunes have been established to implement the quality of standards for the community. They serve as the framework of design concepts and standards for the construction of a variety of housing types. They have been established to compliment the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&R’s) for the Dakota Dunes Community Association.

The Design Review Committee (DRC) consists of appointees by Dakota Dunes Development Company who review and approve the design and initial construction of homes. In addition, the DRC facilitates the requests for any modifications to residences after the initial construction. The following is a list of key items but not all items which require DRC review and approval:

Additions or alterations affecting the home exterior such as: 
Basketball hoops
Dog kennels
Exterior lighting or decorative items
Fencing or walls
Landscaping changes or enhancements
Painting or roof replacement
Play equipment, e.g., swing sets, trampolines
Swimming pools, hot tubs, etc.
Tree installation or removal

Each of these items is referred to in detail in the CC&R’s and the Design Guidelines. They are listed here as a quick checklist to remind you of actions that require submittal to the DRC. Modification request forms are available at the Dakota Dunes Welcome Center and at www.dakotadunes.com under Community Association.

Some frequently asked questions of our members and prospective buyers are listed below:

Pets are limited to two in a unit and fall under the limitations in the CC&Rs.

Garage sales are prohibited.

Tree removal is prohibited without the explicit approval of the DRC. A fine of $750/tree will be levied for unauthorized tree removal.

Firearms. The discharge of firearms is prohibited at Dakota Dunes.

Pools. No above-ground swimming pools shall be installed.

Golf Carts. No gasoline-powered golf carts shall be operated within the Dunes.

For details see all of the Use Restrictions beginning on page 35 of the CC&Rs or request a copy of the Associations Rules and Regulations. (If you would like a complete set of the association CC&R's and Rules and Regulations, please contact the Community Association office at 605-232-5959).


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Thursday, 10 July 2014 14:08

Now that the Big Sioux River has receded, I though I'd give you an update as to the cleanup efforts.  The Dakota Dunes CID is currently in the process of deciding the best way to utilize the temporary protective measures that were built in response to the recent Big Sioux River flooding.  As most of you know, we raised the Big Sioux Levee from an elevation of 1098 to 1102 and continued that elevation to the east of the maintenance building.

Most of the material used came from a commercial lot on the east side of Sioux Point Road.  A portion of this levee was built on the road to the maintenance building.  We've built a temporary road just south of the temporary levee on top of the walking trail so we could continue to access the maintenance building and water plant. This will allow us some time to determine the most effective way to utilize the material used in this flood preparation and repair the commercial property where we obtained the material.

This could include examining ways to utilize this dirt for additional permanent flood protective measures and Big Sioux bank repairs. The final elevation of the Big Sioux Levee is yet to be determined, but it will obviously be no lower than its original elevation and we recognize the potential value of leaving it higher than it was.

We ask that you stay off the levee until further notice as the top is not conducive to walking and biking.  You can access The Point via the temporary road that was built but please be mindful that it is narrow and is being utilized by maintenance trucks and equipment.

Our goal is to develop a plan in time to begin implementation in the fall. While those couple of weeks in June were some tense trying times, we believe the protective measures we did install have created an opportunity for our community to take additional steps to improve flood protection from both rivers.

Jeff D. Dooley, MBA

CID Manager

Dakota Dunes Community Improvement District


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